Open Campus Trial Lesson Day

Open Campus Trial Lesson Day


Open Campus Trial Lesson Day


There will be an open campus at Central Art School Tokyo. Chubi.

Date: February 22nd – Sunday
Time: 13:00 pm to 15:30 pm


Will cover these topics and
Choice of trial lesson are:
– Hand drawing art  (Using paintbrush0
– Graphics and illustration (Package design)
– Animation design (How to draw anime characters)


These introduction workshop class is available but please choose which one. They all start from 1:30 pm.

For first timers and anybody who is interested in art, animation is welcome just to know what we are doing here at the school and enrollment process for those who might be interested in studying.

From 1:00 pm the school introduction begins. From 1:30 there will be trial lesson. Reception opens at 12:50 pm



Option 1 – Illustration and graphic design

For people who is interested in design and illustration, how the package design is done on foods and other commercial items.

Ms. Nanbu (profile)
She gratuated the Chubi’s design course in 2002.
Trial lesson from 1:30 to 3:00 pm

Covered points
1. Introduction of teacher
2. Why the job is fun or interesting
3. Learn how to do packaging designs


Option 2 – Manga and animation

“Learn how to draw a character doing a pose”

Ms. Nekoi (drew manga, illustration teacher)

Trial Lessn from 1:30 to 3:30

1. Introduction of the teacher
2. How to make the characters
3. How to draw the muscles


Option 3 – Art for painters, drawers

Study how to make or create the artwork

With Mr. Kadota

Trial lesson from 1:30 to 3:30

1. Introduction of the teacher.
2. Describing the process of learning about the artwork.
3. get the students to make little artwork.



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